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Experience timeless elegance.

Nestled in the charming town of Avrig, Villa Rosalia invites you to step back in time. Just a short stroll from the city center, our beautifully refurbished historical villa awaits, offering an enticing blend of comfort, elegance, and history.

Experience a unique getaway with us.

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Cocooned in comfort, steeped in history.

Experience a unique journey into the past in our elegantly appointed rooms at Villa Rozalia. Each space, named after the real individuals who once called this historic villa their home, offers immense beds, delightful curtains, and thick draperies to ensure your restful sleep.

The romantic charm of a bygone era permeates each room, captivating your curiosity and inviting you to discover more.

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Taste our gourmet delicacies.

Experience the epitome of dining at Villa Rozalia's orangery restaurant or our serene terrace. Here, we combine the charm of nature with exquisite culinary delights. Whether you choose to dine amidst in the romantic ambience of the Orangery, or prefer the tranquil setting of our terrace overlooking the Dutch garden, expect only the finest dishes expertly prepared to tantalize your palate.

Our promise is an unforgettable dining journey that beautifully complements your stay at Villa Rozalia.


You will never be bored.

With our extensive knowledge of the area we can tailor your mountain bike rides or hikes to suit your abilities and preferences.

If you are considering a special horseback riding or outdoor vacation anywhere in the world, call us first and let our experienced staff match the perfect holiday with your dream.

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In the heart of Avrig.

Situated in the heart of the picturesque town of Avrig, Villa Rozalia is an oasis of tranquility and historic charm. Set amidst a lush Dutch garden, our location offers a perfect blend of serene nature and cultural exploration, just a short stroll from the bustling city center.

Villa Rozalia is not just a destination, but a captivating journey into the past, offering an experience of timeless elegance and comfort.

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